A year ago to the day, we released Jekyll 1.0.0. One year later, we present to you the next major version: Jekyll 2.0.0.

Jam-packed with some highly-requested features and bugfixes galore, this is the best Jekyll yet. Some notable changes:

  1. Collections - Collections allow you to define an unlimited number of custom document types (beyond just posts and pages) for different types of content you may want to author in Jekyll such as API documentation or a cookbook!
  2. Brand new site template (thanks @jglovier!) - Getting started with Jekyll just got a lot easier and a lot more beautiful. Just run jekyll new <path> and you’re good to go.
  3. Native Sass & CoffeeScript support - We love CSS and JavaScript as much as the next guy, but there will always be a special place in our hearts for Sass and CoffeeScript. We now offer native support for these file types — no more messing around with Rake or Grunt!
  4. Front Matter defaults - If you’ve set layout: post more than once in your life, you’ll love this new feature: set front matter defaults for a given directory or type.
  5. Custom markdown processors - Always wanted to use your favourite home-grown Markdown converter, but couldn’t with Jekyll? Now you can. Simply specify markdown: MyConverterClass and you’re on your way.
  6. Addition of where and group_by Liquid filters - Simplifying your Liquid templates one filter at a time. The where filter selects from an array all items within which have a given value for a property. The group_by filter groups all items in an array which have the same value for a given property.
  7. Switch from Maruku to Kramdown as default markdown converter - Maruku is dead. We’ve replaced it with the converter which has the closest feature parity: Kramdown!

Check out our changelog for a complete list of all (200+) changes.

Many thanks to these 183 contributors for making Jekyll 2.0.0 happen:

Parker Moore, Matt Rogers, maul.esel, Anatol Broder, Zach Gersh, Joel Glovier, Ben Balter, XhmikosR, Coby Chapple, John Piasetzki, Aidan Feldman, Robin Dupret, Pascal Borreli, Troy Swanson, Erik Michaels-Ober, albertogg, Lucas Jenss, Matt Rogers & Persa Zula, Eric Mill, Shigeya Suzuki, Jens Nazarenus, ddavison, Pat Hawks, Rob Wierzbowski, MURAOKA Taro, Casey Lang, Fabian Rodriguez, Greg Karékinian, Zlatan Vasović, Christopher Nicotera, Dmitry Chestnykh, Ryan Morrissey, Jordon, John Hughes, akira yamada, Matt Swanson, Jashank Jeremy, Matthew Iversen, Meeka, liufengyun, Anand Narayan, nitoyon, Geoff Shannon, Benjamin J. Balter, Juan Ignacio Donoso, David Briggs, Benjamin Esham, Slava Pavlutin, Assaf Gelber, Josh Brown, Nick Fagerlund, Davide Ficano, pilosus, Anthony Smith, André Arko, Mikael Konutgan, Matthew Scharley, Dan Tao, scribu, Mort Yao, m, Stephen McDonald, Marcus Stollsteimer, Thomas Torsney-Weir, Jordon Bedwell, Tom Preston-Werner, Lincoln Mullen, Philip Poots, Ivan Tse, Christopher Giroir, Valery Tolstov, Wlodek Bzyl, Xavier Noria, Yi Zeng, Persa Zula, Phil Leggetter, Pirogov Evgenij, Rafael Revi, Rob McGuire-Dale, Rob Muhlestein, Robin Mehner, Roland Warmerdam, Rusty Geldmacher, Sam Rayner, Santeri Paavolainen, Sebastian Morr, Stephan Groß, Steven Spasbo, Tobias Brunner, Tuomas Kareinen, Tyler Margison, Uwe Dauernheim, Yihang Ho, Zach Leatherman, Zequez, andrew morton, andrewhavens, imathis, jannypie, jaybe@jekyll, kk_Ataka, markets, redwallhp, schneems, szymzet, thomasdao, tomsugden, wǒis神仙, 张君君, Noah Slater, Abhi Yerra, Adam Heckler, Ahmed Hazem, Aigars Dzerviniks, Aleksey V. Zapparov, Andreas Möller, Andy Lindeman, Arlen Cuss, Aziz Shamim, Ben Baker-Smith, Ben Hanzl, Ben Hildred, Brian Kim, Brice, Carol Nichols, Chezou, Chris Jones, Christian Grobmeier, Christoph Hochstrasser, Christoph Schiessl, Clint Shryock, Colin Dean, Corey Ward, Damian Lettie, Daniel Schauenberg, David Ensinger, David Paschich, David Sawyer, David Silva Smith, Donald Perry, Doug Johnston, Edward Ball, Eric Dobson, Erik Dungan, Florent Guilleux, Francis, Frederic ROS, GSI2013, Garen Torikian, George Anderson, Giuseppe Capizzi, Ishibashi Hideto, Jarrod Birch, Jeff Kolesky, Jens Bissinger, Jens Krause, John Firebaugh, John Papandriopoulos, Josh Branchaud, Katy DeCorah, Lachlan Holden, Mark Prins, Markus Roth, Martin Charles, Matt Iversen, Matt Sheehan, Matt Swensen, Matthias Vogelgesang, Michael Parker, Miha Rekar, Nathan Youngman, Nick Quaranto, Nick Quinlan, Nick Schonning, Nicolas Alpi, Nicolás Reynolds, Nikkau, 4ensicLog, Octavian Damiean, Olov Lassus, PatrickC8t, Paul Annesley, and Paul Oppenheim.

Happy developing!