Hey Jekyllites!

Today, we released v3.1.4 in an effort to bring more stability to the v3.1.x series. This bugfix release consists of:

  • A fix for layout in Liquid where values would carry over from one document to the next
  • A fix for layout in Liquid where a parent layout (e.g. default or base) would overwrite the metadata of the child layout (e.g. post or special).
  • A fix where page.excerpt referencing its excerpt would cause an infinite loop of recursive horror.
  • We added Configuration.from and the great permalink fix from v3.0.4 to the v3.1.x series
  • site.collections in Liquid is now sorted alphabetically by label, so docs shows up before posts reliably.

The fixes for layout may not be seamless for everyone, but we believe they will be the “right thing to do” going forward.

We are alwawys striving to make Jekyll more straight-forward to use. Please do open an issue if you believe an aspect of Jekyll’s user experience isn’t up to par.

For a full history of our changes, see the changelog.

As always, Happy Jekylling!