Hey there! We have a quick update of Jekyll for you to enjoy this January. Packed full of bug fixes as usual, thanks to the tireless efforts of our exceptional Jekyll community. Three changes to call out:

  1. If you’re a big fan of where_by_exp, you’ll be an even bigger fan of group_by_exp.
  2. Using a custom timezone in Jekyll on Windows? Yeah, sorry that hasn’t ever worked properly. We made it possible to accurately set the timezone using IANA timezone codes.
  3. Documentation has been improved, notably on themes, includes and permalinks.

And lots and lots more!

This update was made possible by the dedicated efforts of our excellent contributors: Ajay Karwal, Alexey Rogachev, Ashwin Maroli, BlueberryFoxtrot, Chase, Chayoung You, Dean Attali, Dmitrii Evdokimov, Don Denton, Eldritch Cheese, Fabrice Laporte, Florian Thomas, Frank Taillandier, Hugo, Ivan Dmitrievsky, Joel Meyer-Hamme, Josh Habdas, Kenton Hansen, Kevin Wojniak, Kurt Anderson, Longwelwind, Max Chadwick, Nicolas Hoizey, Nursen, Parker Moore, Pat Hawks, Purplecarrot, Ricardo N Feliciano, Rob Crocombe, Roger Ogden, Skylar Challand, Thiago Arrais, Tim Banks, Tom Johnson, Tunghsiao Liu, XhmikosR, Zlatan Vasović, alexmalik, brainscript, kimbaudi, muratayusuke, penny, and yoostk.

As always, if you encounter bugs, please do search the issues and file an issue if you aren’t able to find a resolution. We also have our Jekyll Talk forum for those of you with general questions about how to accomplish certain tasks with Jekyll.

We have some exciting updates in store for v3.5, and we’re hard at work on those already.

Happy Jekylling!