3.5.2 is out with 6 great bug fixes, most notably one which should dramatically speed up generation of your site! In testing #6266, jekyllrb.com generation when from 18 seconds down to 8! Here is the full line-up of fixes:

  • Backport #6266 for v3.5.x: Memoize the return value of Document#url (#6301)
  • Backport #6247 for v3.5.x: kramdown: symbolize keys in-place (#6303)
  • Backport #6281 for v3.5.x: Fix Drop#key? so it can handle a nil argument (#6288)
  • Backport #6280 for v3.5.x: Guard against type error in absolute_url (#6287)
  • Backport #6273 for v3.5.x: delegate StaticFile#to_json to StaticFile#to_liquid (#6302)
  • Backport #6226 for v3.5.x: Reader#read_directories: guard against an entry not being a directory (#6304

A full history is available for your perusal. As always, please file bugs if you encounter them! Opening a pull request with a failing test for your expected behaviour is the easiest way for us to address the issue since we have a reproducible example to test again. Short of that, please fill out our issue template to the best of your ability and we’ll try to get to it quickly!

Many thanks to our contributors without whom this release could not be possible: Ben Balter & Kyle Zhao.

Happy Jekylling!